Volvo S60 Model Summary

Volvo S60 Model Summary

Volvo S60 is a compact 5-seater executive car from Volvo replacing the Volvo S70 from 2000 based on the P2 platform and similar in design to the Volvo V70. The Volvo S60 is now in its second generation.

First Generation 2000-2009

The Volvo S60 is based on the P2 platform sharing with the Volvo S80, V70, XC70 & XC90 and produced as a sports saloon competing with BMW 3 Series. The S60 had its first face lift in 2005 with interior and exterior cosmetic updates, the S60 had a second mainly cosmetic face lift in 2008.

Available Engines and Transmission. 

Petrol :- 2.0L B5204T5 I5 turbo, 2.3L B5234T3 I5 turbo.

2.4L B5244S I5, B5244S2 I5, B5244SG I5 petrol/LPG, 2.4L B5244T I5 Turbo, 2.4L B5244T3 I5 turbo, 2.4L B5244T5 I5 turbo,

2.5L B5254T2 I5 turbo, 2.5L B5254T2-R I5.

Diesel :- 2.4L D5244T I5 turbodiesel, 2.4L D5244T2 I5 turbodiesel, 2.4L D5244T4 I5 turbodiesel, 2.4L D5244T5 I5 turbodiesel, 2.4L D5244T7 I5 turbodiesel.

Transmission :- 5-speed Volvo M56 manual, 5-speed M58 manual, 6-speed Volvo M66 manual, 5-speed Aisin AW55-51SN automatic, 6-speed Aisin TF-80SC automatic.

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Second generation 2010 - present

The second generation S60 design is taken from the XC60 concept featuring a new engine lineup, City safe system as standard, Pedestrian Detection, day time LED running lights, and stop start technology on the later models.

2014 Model update changes include new body panels, grille, headlights, adaptive digital TFT instrument cluster. The R-Design & T6 AWD now have new paddle shifters & optional Quick Shift. Pedestrian / cyclist detection, blind spot information, and Cross Traffic Alert is part of the new IntelliSafe system.

The S60L PHEV Petrol Plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle concept unveiled in 2014.

The rare Volvo S60 Cross County was released in 2015

Available Engines and Transmissions

Petrol :- 1.6L turbo I4, 2.0L turbo I4, 2.0L twincharged I4, 2.5L turbo I5, 3.0L turb I6.

Diesel :- 1.6L turbodiesel I4, 2.0L turbodiesel I4, 2.4 turbodiesel I5.

Transmissions :- 6-speed Volvo M66 manual, 6-speed Aisin TF-80SC automatic, 8-speed Aisin TG-80SC automatic.

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