Volvo V50 Model Summary

Volvo V50 Model Summary

The Volvo V50 small family 5-door estate from Volvo cars manufactured from 2004-2012

2004 V50 introduced

The first generation S40 (S - Saloon) & V40 (V- Versatility estate) where produced from 1995 - 2004.

The second generation S40 was manufactured from 2004 - 2012 and the estate name changed from V40 to V50

Available Engines & Transmission

Engines available for the Volvo V50 where front engine-front wheel drive or 4-wheel-drive, petrol engine options where - 1.6L-l4 (100 hp), 1.8L-l4 (125 hp) 2.0L-l4 (145 hp), 2.4L-l5 (140 hp), 2.4L l5 (168 hp) 2.4L-T5 turbo (230 hp), or Diesel engine- 1.6L-l4(109 hp), 2.0L-l4 (136 hp), 2.4L-D5 Turbo (180 hp) & Flexifuel 1.8L l4 (125 hp).

Transmission options where - Manual 5-speed Volvo M56, or 6-speed Volvo M66 and Automatic 5-speed Asian AW55-50,or 6-speed Asian TF-80SC.

2008 Face-lift

The S40 V50 had a face-lift in 2008 which included improved audio & safety features including emergency brake-lights, bi-xenon headlights, BLIS system and a new T5 engine.

The "2011 model"

Engine specifications changed in 2010 (the "2011 model") - petrol 1.6, 2.0l and T5 only available with automatic transmission and diesel engiens changed to the new  D2, D3, & D4 engine.

The V50 was replaced in 2012 by the  Volvo V40 5-door hatchback.


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